It’s time to choose our President and our legislators. See the KCIS and vote Nov. 3!

The Kentucky Candidate Information Survey is the state’s only nonpartisan survey that quotes candidates in their own words. Visit

The Family Foundation’s voter information project, the Kentucky Candidate Information Survey (KCIS), was initiated in 1993 and has served the Commonwealth every election year since. Sometimes, it has literally made the difference in the outcome of a race NOT because it endorses one candidate or another, but because it causes readers to think and evaluate each candidate in a number of ways.

This year could be the same – KCIS could be a difference-maker.

Individuals can download the PDFs of each race, print and copy them to share them with others at their church or nonprofit organization because the Survey complies with the IRS 501(c)3 requirements.

In other words, it doesn’t tell you WHO to vote for or WHICH Party should be in power; it simply serves all candidates and all citizens by getting solid candidate information out so responsible citizenship can rule the election day.

Forty-eight state legislative races for the House and Senate have one or two candidate respondents. Besides covering legislative races, KCIS also boasts responses from candidates at every level of Kentucky’s judiciary, albeit there are a small number of races this year. Eight of the 11 judicial races have respondents, providing important insight into who they are, how they view their role as a judge, and what they consider the biggest issue facing the judiciary.

It is particularly important to note that BOTH candidates running for the Kentucky Supreme Court seat in southeast Kentucky have responded. This precedent, that candidates for Kentucky’s highest court are participating, could set a trend for the entire judicial branch.

Get information and vote your conscience on Nov. 3!

See this unique, nonpartisan Survey at

Listed side-by-side, candidates respond in their own words.

The Kentucky Candidate Information Survey’s website has something for every Kentuckian. It’s an excellent resource for the busy citizen who desires to be an informed voter.

Find the resources and info you need, without the spin – We give you the facts and the candidates’ own words, so you’re the one who decides.

Which political party best aligns with your opinions? Explore a side-by-side comparison of the official Republican and Democrat party platforms in the Parties’ own words.

What are the candidates’ priorities? What is their vision? How can they improve the Commonwealth for ALL citizens? Read your candidates’ Survey responses, so you know where they stand on a variety of issues . . . in their own words.

What are your judicial candidates’ qualifications? Their judicial philosophy? Get to know your judicial candidates in their own words, allowing you to be introduced to who they truly are.

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