Humanity in Healthcare Act Gets Committee Hearing

On Wednesday, October 20, the Interim Joint Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection held a hearing on the pro-life “Humanity in Healthcare Act” that is expected to be introduced in the 2022 Session.

The Family Foundation was proud to attend the hearing on an important piece of legislation, standing with our allies at Kentucky Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony List. We’re thankful to Sen. C.B. Embry Jr. and Rep. Walker Thomas (co-chairs of the committee) for giving it consideration.

Rep. Nancy Tate (R) is leading the charge on the Humanity in Healthcare Act, which grew out of her pro-life omnibus bill (HB 460) that we supported during the 2021 session.

The pro-life bill addresses many abortion-related issues, including: (1) documentation of parental consent for minors; (2) criteria for the judicial bypass process for a minor who does not want to inform parents that they are pregnant and their intent to have an abortion; (3) expanding the reporting requirements for abortion to help gather appropriate statistical data; (4) requiring a report with findings from an annual audit and abortion facility inspections; (5) prohibiting abortion-inducing drugs from being mailed or shipped directly to a patient; (6) requiring dignified disposal of preborn human remains; and (7) prohibiting public agency funds from being paid to any entity, organization, or individual that performs or refers for abortion.

Life is the most fundamental of human rights, and we look forward to promoting pro-life legislation in the 2022 Session in January.