Higher Education Free Speech Act

This bill would require state colleges and universities to adopt policies to protect the right of students and faculty to speak, write and learn without the threat of intimidation.

It would also protect their right to invite speakers regardless of the popularity of their views.

Senate Bill Introduced By: Sen. Wil Schroder.

House Bill Introduced By: Rep. Savannah Maddox


Advocates Say:
This legislation is needed because of the increasing amount of intimidation practiced by those who disagree with religious or conservative points of view. In light of the many recent events on college campuses across America where invited speakers with conservative views have been prevented from speaking, sometimes by university administrators, it’s time to protect the true academic environment, so all points of view can be shared peacefully.

Opponents Say:
News reports overstate the problem of intimidation on college campuses. These situations are just more liberal students exercising their free speech rights. In addition, there are some views that constitute hate speech. These views should be prohibited, particularly those that are racist, sexist and homophobic.

Introduced in Senate (02/05/2019)

Introduced in House (02/06/2019)

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