Adoption and Foster Care Protection Act

This bill would prevent the government from discriminating against or punishing adoption and foster care providers simply because of their beliefs about marriage or sexuality.

By: Rep. J. Petrie


Advocates Say:
Many people who provide adoption and foster services are motivated by faith. That same faith dictates their beliefs about marriage and family. These organizations provide faith-based support for families of similar faith who wish to place children or who wish to adopt or foster. Nine other states have already acted to protect their faith-based providers and Kentucky should as well. 

Without HB160, such organizations will eventually be forced by the state to choose between honoring God or closing their doors. Then taxpayers would pick up the cost and children would suffer. HB160 will ensure these providers in Kentucky remain free to find loving, forever homes for kids.

Opponents Say:
This is a license to discriminate. Obergefell (the same-sex marriage case) has affirmed the right of every person to marry who they choose. Two dads or two moms make just as good a family as any other family. It is time to end hate and discrimination. These discriminatory organizations should be closed once and for all.  It’s time that all citizens are required to think about marriage and sexuality in a more open-minded way. These religious views should not be tolerated.

Introduced in House (01/11/2019)

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