Dignified Disposal of Human Remains Act – (Fetal Remains)

By Rep. Nancy Tate: This bill would ensure that the bodies of pre-viability babies, and babies whose lives are terminated by abortion or by natural causes, would be treated in a manner that respects the dignity of human life.

Advocates say: Aborted babies have been found in trash cans, basements, landfills and saved in canisters. At best they are treated as medical waste. They are human lives whose bodies should, at the very least, be treated in a dignified manner.

Opponents say: Products from abortion are simply tissue like any other tissue removed in other surgeries. Medical waste is medical waste. This is simply another effort by anti-choicers to make it harder for women to get the reproductive healthcare that they need.

Prospect of Passage: Many care about the dignified treatment of human remains, but some see this as an anti-abortion bill. People should call.

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