CITIZEN: Parents or Government? The Battle for Kentucky’s Kids Takes Center Stage

The Kentucky General Assembly has an opportunity to protect parents’ rights and their children from harm this session.

With Kentucky’s 2023 Legislative Session underway in Frankfort, the time is ripe for the General Assembly to protect parental rights and protect Kentucky’s children from harm.

Most Kentuckians know that parents, not the Government, have the right and responsibility to direct the upbringing of their children. Yet attacks on the fundamental rights of parents are seemingly growing daily.

From President Biden indicating children don’t belong to parents when “they’re in the classroom,” to a national education group openly calling on teachers to disregard parents on LGBT issues, to a leading publication recently asking “Is Defying Parents the Only Ethical Alternative?” — there can be no doubt that the classroom is a battleground for the hearts and minds of our children.
But what about here in the Bluegrass state? You may be surprised to know that Kentucky is one of only a handful of states that does not recognize parental rights as a fundamental right. In fact, an experienced Christian attorney recently told me that Kentucky’s existing statutory language impacting parental rights “might be as bad as California.”

Just since the last session here in Kentucky: The KY Dept. of Education issued an LGBTQI “toolkit” for all Kentucky public schools with pronoun “guidance” that trampled on parental rights; multiple school districts are actively violating students’ privacy by allowing boys who “identify” as girls to access girls’ facilities; and reports have even surfaced of LGBT indoctrination in classrooms as early as third grade.

Kentucky must regain ground for families with legislation like the “Parental Rights Protection Act,” which recognizes parental rights as fundamental and promotes transparency and parental involvement in schools, and the “Help Not Harm Act,” protecting children from harmful “sex-change” experiments that can leave minors mutilated and harmed for life. Kentucky’s families – parents and their children – need the Body of Christ to engage this session!

As I like to remind, government belongs to those who show up. We can all “show up” by phone, email, and in-person to encourage our legislators to act. Thank you for standing with The Family Foundation as we educate and advocate for God-honoring policy for the good of our Commonwealth!

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