CITIZEN: KY is Way Behind in Protecting Parents’ Rights, the Parental Rights Protection Act Fixes That

Rep. Shane Baker’s Parental Rights Protection Act (HB 177) ensures that parents are able to seek their kids’ best interests.

The Problem
Parental rights are under attack in numerous areas, but most noticeably in public education. Parents are too often left out, dismissed, and left feeling helpless in their pursuit of what they believe to be in the best interests of their children.

Gov. Beshear’s Kentucky Department of Education even issued guidance to every school in the Commonwealth urging them to indoctrinate students with LGBT propaganda and to keep parents in the dark about their child’s “gender identity” at school.

Why Isn’t This Already Settled?
In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the long-held presumption that “a fit parent will act in the best interest of his or her child” and spoke of the parents having a “fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control” of their children.

However, the Court caused some confusion and created a gray area by failing to explicitly state that this fundamental right received the same legal protection that other fundamental rights, such as religious liberty and free speech, enjoy.

KY Way Behind in Protecting Parental Rights
Fifteen (15) states have laws explicitly defining and protecting parental rights; while thirty-two (32) states protect parental rights with “strict scrutiny,” the highest level of legal protection, in the courts through state law or court decision. Kentucky has neither.


  1. Parents, not the state, should have authority.
    — 89.3% of Kentuckians agree; parents should have authoirty over their child’s upbringing and education.

  2. Most states give the highest legal protection to parental rights, but NOT Kentucky.

    — Courts apply strict scrutiny (the highest legal protection) to parental rights in 32 states, while 15 states explicitly affirm the fundamental rights of parents in law.

  3. HB 177 allows schools and families to benefit from informed and active parental involvement.
    — Increased transparency, accountability, and parental rights protections in our schools equip our children to succeed.

let your KY legislators know that you support HB 177!

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