CITIZEN: Kentucky must move forward in building a culture that values life & family.

The 2024 General Assembly must build upon the pro-family victories won in previous sessions, despite calls to move backwards.

Kentucky’s 2024 General Assembly is underway, and our team is hard at work educating and advocating for pro-family policies that will honor the Lord and point people back to God’s good design for our fellow Kentuckians.

This “long” 60-day session provides a tremendous opportunity for Kentucky to build upon the victories from the past several sessions by further protecting parental rights, strengthening our religious liberties, increasing educational opportunities for all students, and protecting every preborn baby – regardless of the circumstances of the child’s conception.

But anti-family and anti-life forces are determined to undo Kentucky’s pro-family gains. In fact, pro-LGBTQ legislators have already filed a bill to repeal SB 150 and its ban on child-mutilating “gender transitions.” Pro-abortion legislators, championed by Gov. Andy Beshear, have also filed a bill to re-legalize abortion in certain cases.

We must all do our part to resist these calls to move backwards and encourage legislators to chart a path forward for Kentucky as a pro-life and pro-family leader!

Thankfully, a record crowd of pro-life Kentuckians already filled the Capitol this session during the KY March for Life, hosted by KY Right to Life. I praise the Lord for all those who attended and for the encouraging pro-life witness the event was for legislators. I was honored to encourage all those in attendance to pray and engage to ensure that every preborn child remains protected.

We really need your engagement and prayers this legislative session – for life and for other important issues. With schools subverting last year’s parental rights law and with the unethical actions of a school guidance counselor we shared in our last Citizen, parental rights must be further strengthened in our schools.

With 30+ states offering school choice, it is time to support educational freedom for every family by passing a school choice constitutional amendment. We must ensure parents can choose the education that is best for their child!

As I frequently say, government belongs to those who show up. Please “show up” by phone, email, and in-person to encourage your legislators. Thank you for being the salt and light you are called to be!

David Walls
Executive Director, The Family Foundation

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