CITIZEN: Internship Helps Equip Next Generation.

The Family Foundation internship program helps equip the next generation of policy advocates.

The Family Foundation has begun developing internship programs that will be designed to not only provide hands-on policy experience and firsthand insight into the lawmaking process in Kentucky, but to also disciple a new generation of policy advocates to serve as ambassadors for Christ in an important cultural arena.

We had two hardworking and spirited interns in our office this summer, Abigail and Ashley, that assisted us and played an integral role in the development of our new internship program.

In addition to their help with administrative and research work, they received experience reading legislation, legal briefs, and court decisions. But most important of all were the philosophical discussions that we joined in, forming a foundation upon which the internship program will be built.

Stay tuned for future developments and opportunities, as The Family Foundation seeks to disciple a new generation while we advocate for God-honoring policy and persuade culture with Truth. Learn more at

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