CITIZEN: Election a reminder of Christian call to be faithful.

We must recommit ourselves to courageously defending life and God’s good design for the family. . . and it starts with the Church.

November’s election results in Kentucky, and across the nation, were another sobering reminder that the battle to build a culture that honors preborn life and the family is far from over.

Kentucky’s pro-abortion Governor Andy Beshear (D) won re-election by defeating his pro-life challenger, Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R). Beshear won, in part, by focusing heavily on the abortion issue while never being held to account for his extreme pro-abortion views and record.

I believe there are 3 important takeaways for Christians to reflect upon after the election. . .

1. Pro-abortion forces and the culture of death are on the march. We must be truthful about this. The election also saw our neighbors to the north, Ohio, become the 7th straight state in which pro-abortion forces won on a ballot initiative since Roe was overturned. Planned Parenthood has proudly proclaimed the elections show that “abortion is a winning issue.”

2. If we don’t engage in the battle, we can’t expect to win. In Ohio, pro-abortion forces significantly outspent pro-lifers. Here in Kentucky, pro-lifers were outspent 6 to 1 on Amendment 2 last year, and Beshear significantly outspent Cameron this election. This included significant resources spent by Beshear’s Planned Parenthood-funded campaign on highly deceptive (but effective) abortion ads, and very little being messaged to counter the lies or accurately portray the true radicalism of the pro-abortion position.

If we hope to make further pro-life gains, we must launch new strategies to win the hearts and minds of our fellow Kentuckians — and it starts with the Church discipling believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview that can withstand the lies of the enemy.

3. The battle just got harder. . . but the battle is the Lord’s! We have truth on our side. We have science on our side. Human life begins at fertilization, every preborn human is created in the image of God, and abortion is an evil act that kills a living human person. These truths are clear and consistent in God’s word. But the election results will ensure that the battle becomes more intense, especially in the upcoming 2024 General Assembly starting in January.

With the battle intensifying, we must recommit ourselves to courageously defending life and God’s good design for marriage and the family, always remembering that our calling as Christians is to be faithful. . . while understanding the battle is the Lord’s!

Our culture is increasingly hostile to biblical values, that’s why The Family Foundation’s mission to stand for Kentucky families and the biblical values that make them strong is more important than ever. Thank you for standing with us!

David Walls
Executive Director, The Family Foundation

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