BREAKING: Kentucky Receives Life Champion & Save Girls’ Sports Awards from Family Policy Alliance

LEXINGTON, KY – Today, Kentucky was named the 2022 recipient of Family Policy Alliance’s Life Champion & Save Girls’ Sports Awards. The awards were given in honor of Kentucky’s passage of HB 3 sponsored by Representative Nancy Tate, a pro-life omnibus bill known as the Humanity in Healthcare Act, and passage of SB 83 sponsored by Senator Robby Mills and Representative Ryan Dotson, the Save Women’s Sports Act.

The Family Foundation in Kentucky was pleased to have helped lead this effort, alongside pro-life and pro-family leaders in the General Assembly and state and national policy allies.

David Walls, Executive Director of The Family Foundation, said of the award, “Kentucky is blessed to be a strong pro-life and pro-family state that has prioritized protecting the unborn, families, and our common-sense values. I am thankful for the great work that has been accomplished this year in the General Assembly, but important work is still ahead – including Kentucky’s Yes for Life Constitutional Amendment on the November 8 ballot. It’s an honor to work alongside Family Policy Alliance and our state family policy allies to promote God-honoring public policy.”

Craig DeRoche, President and CEO of Family Policy Alliance, said of the award, “At a time when much of the news we hear is about the challenges our nation is facing, the reality is there is much good work happening to protect children and families around the nation. Kentucky has been an outstanding example of that this year, going above and beyond to make their state a better place for families.”

State Rep. Nancy Tate, chair of the Kentucky House Pro-Life Caucus and primary sponsor of HB 3, said, “The Commonwealth of Kentucky is currently represented by the most pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman Legislative Branch in our rich heritage. While much has been accomplished there is still much work left to be done to ensure Kentucky is seen as the optimal location to live, work, and raise a family.”

State Sen. Robby Mills, primary sponsor of the Save Women’s Sports Act and chair of the Kentucky Senate Pro-Life Caucus, said upon passage of SB 83, “This is a huge win for the integrity of women’s sports…Kentucky is a leading voice for female athletes across the nation. The Kentucky General Assembly stands in support of female athletes everywhere as they work hard to achieve their goals and dreams.”

State Rep. Ryan Dotson, lead sponsor of the Save Women’s Sports Act in the Kentucky House, said, “I never would’ve thought 5-10 years ago that this would be a prevailing issue, but as it is the liberal agenda, we must fight to defend the integrity of our young ladies in sports across the Commonwealth and the Nation.”

Family Policy Alliance is a public policy organization working for a nation where families can thrive, and which hosts the alliance of family policy councils – premier pro-family organizations – around the nation. The Family Foundation is the family policy council for Kentucky. The Family Foundation is also a founding member of the “Yes for Life” Alliance. Kentuckians can learn more about the “Yes for Life” Constitutional Amendment at

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