ACLU’s Legally and Morally Flawed Lawsuit Against SB 150 Exposes Why Children Must be Protected from Mutilation

LEXINGTON, KY – Yesterday, the ACLU filed a motion for preliminary injunction asking a judge to interfere with the enforcement of the Kentucky General Assembly’s duly enacted SB 150, which protects children from bodily mutilation through use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in experimental gender “transitions.”

Statement from David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation, in response to the motion for preliminary injunction:

“The ACLU’s argument is legally and morally flawed and only further exposes the dangerous ideological movement seeking to mutilate children in the name of denying their biological sex. Bodily mutilation of children through surgery and chemicals, is NOT healthcare. Every Kentucky child deserves to be loved, treated with dignity, and accepted for who they are — a unique human being created in the image of God as a son or daughter.

“SB 150 was duly enacted by the Kentucky General Assembly and its commonsense protections further the Commonwealth’s important governmental interests in safeguarding the health and safety of minors, upholding a parent’s duty and right to protect their child’s body and limbs from physical harm, and ensuring the integrity of the medical profession – any decision to interfere with its enforcement will constitute an act of judicial activism that will allow children to be harmed,” Walls concluded.

The Family Foundation played an integral role in the passage of Senate Bill 150 and in supporting its commonsense protections for children, along with hosting a press conference and rally supporting the General Assembly’s override of Gov. Beshear’s veto of the bill.


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