Kentucky’s Legislature is in recess until the
2019 General Session, which begins on January 8, 2019.

2018 Legislation

SB 228 Amended to Expand Gambling 

URGENT: A crazy effort to expand gambling at the very last minute (April 11, 2018)

SB 228 is an education bill regulating professional agents of high school and college athletes. Now someone has attached part of a gambling bill to it that had already died . . . and it’s the worst part of the gambling bill – it just legalizes the gambling! NO regulation. NO accountability, oversight, revenue or transparency.

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Religious Liberty

PRIORITY!     House Bill 372: Pastor, Church and School Protection Act

Rep. Jason Petrie: HB 372 The Pastor, Church and School Protection Act is about protecting pastors but not just pastors… READ MORE


PRIORITY!     House Bill 326: Students’ Right to Privacy Act

Rep. David Hale: One of the clearest principles in the U.S. Constitution is a citizen’s right to privacyREAD MORE

SB 48 – Child Marriage Ban 

PRESS RELEASE: Revised Marriage Bill Passes with The Family Foundation’s Support (March 6, 2018)

A new version of Senate Bill 48 with changes suggested by The Family Foundation passed out of a Senate committee this morning  with the full support of the committee. The bill would raise the minimum marriage age in the state to 17 and would establish a judicial procedure that includes parents for 17 year-olds wanting to marry. 

“The original version of the bill would have allowed a judge to consent to a marriage, not only without the consent of the parents,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group, “but potentially without even the knowledge of the parents. Several of the committee members had concerns about the original version of the bill, but the revised bill had the support of all members.”


After the Courier-Journal‘s misleading story, articles clarify the real facts and position of The Family Foundation:
After weekend of national shaming, Kentucky’s ‘child bride’ bill to move forward
Herald-Leader (March 5, 2018)

Why Conservatives Objected to that Kentucky Child Marriage Bill
Patheos (March 5, 2018)



PRESS RELEASE: TFF Asks C-J to Retract Story (March 5, 2018)

TFF today asked the Courier-Journal to publicly retract a story it ran asserting that The Foundation was working in the Kentucky General Assembly to defend the marriages of children under the age of 16… The Foundation’s concern was limited to one part of the original language of SB 48 and involved only the issue of who should be able to approve or deny the marriages of 17-year-olds… “The original version of this bill would have allowed a judge to approve a marriage, giving parents no way to contest it… We have always been in full support of a full prohibition of the kind of marriages the story said we were defending.”


Kentucky New Era‘s Article Gets It Right:
Bill to outlaw child marriage in Kentucky still moving forward (March 4, 2018) 


Senate Bill 71: Abstinence Inclusion in Public School Sex Education

Sen. Stephen Meredith: Requires that if a public school teaches Sex Education, “abstinence before marriage is the… READ MORE


House Bill 269: Divorce Reform

Rep. Larry Brown: Twenty one states now require divorce/co-parenting classes. With this bill, Kentucky will join those states… READ MORE

Human Trafficking

House & Senate Resolutions – HCR 93/SCR 105: Internet Trafficking

Rep. Donna Mayfield & Sen. C.B. Embry:  These two Concurrent Resolutions, one in the House and one the Senate, urge Congress… READ MORE

House & Senate Resolutions – HR 134/SR 149: Child Trafficking at Hotels

Rep. John Blanton & Sen. Alice Kerr: These two resolutions recognize the important role citizens and the hospitality industry play… READ MORE

House & Senate Resolutions – HR 149/SR 170: Defending Dignity

Rep. Melinda Prunty & Sen. David Givens: These two resolutions recognize the connections between pornography, the objectification… READ MORE

House Bill 152: Empowering Truckers Against Trafficking

Rep. Addia Wuchner: HB 152 would require a person applying for a commercial driver’s license to complete training related… READ MORE

House Bill 294: Treating Trafficking Offenders as Violent Offenders

Rep. Joni Jenkins: HB 294 updates the law to better reflect the seriousness of human trafficking or promoting human trafficking by… READ MORE

Sanctity of Life

House & Senate Resolutions – HCR 152/SCR 154: Honoring Pregnancy Help Centers

Rep. Robert Benvenuti & Sen. Max Wise:  These two Concurrent Resolutions, one in the House and one the Senate, recognize… READ MORE

House Bill 115: Reporting Prescriptions that Terminate Pregnancy

Rep. Robby Mills: This bill would require a physician to report a prescription for mifeprex, misoprostol, or any other drug or... READ MORE

House Bill 454: The Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Rep. Addia Wuchner: Dismemberment abortion is a violent abortion procedure with the purpose of causing the death of… READ MORE

House Bill 455: The Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

Rep. Melinda Prunty: This bill (recently signed into law by Governor John Kasich of Ohio), would help prevent discrimination by… READ MORE


House Bill 1: Adoption and Foster Care Reform

Rep. David Meade: In response to years of requests by citizens, legislators and professionals that Kentucky’s Adoption and Foster… READ MORE

House Bill 40: Day of Prayer For Students

Rep. Regina Huff: HB 40 establishes the last Wednesday in September as “A Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students.” The date coincides READ MORE

House Concurrent Resolution 34: Responsible Marijuana Research

Rep. Danny Bentley: HCR 34 actually delays marijuana legalization, instead urging the expedited research and appropriate approval… READ MORE

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