Why does an abortion clinic get a pass on COVID-19 restrictions?

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LEXINGTON—”Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has issued closing orders for everything from schools to nail salons,” said The Family Foundation today, “but a University of Louisville-staffed abortion clinic seems to be operating full speed ahead.”

Martin Cothran, spokesperson for the group asked why businesses with limited exposure to the public such as nail salons are being forced to close, while a clinic with at least as much exposure to the public is allowed to continue its grisly business.

“The Louisville abortion clinic, which is staffed by University of Louisville physicians who are part of its Ryan Residency Program, and where residents at Louisville Medical School help with the abortions, is still seeing customers. One witness tells us there were at least 25 patients visiting the clinic today. Additionally, there were others who entered the clinic as family members or friends.”

The Family Foundation recently drew attention to UofL’s deep involvement with the state’s only abortion clinic.

“Why is this one kind of business that offers elective surgery exempt from the mandatory closing orders now being issued by the Governor?” asked Cothran. “Why do everyday businesses in which people eek out a living have to close while one that engages in an ethically questionable practice gets a free pass?”


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