The 2020 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly CAN be very successful. Let’s do it!

Gov. Bevin was a pro-life conservative that did a great deal of good for the Commonwealth. His negatives were driven up by Attorney General Andy Beshear and by the media, that worked well with Beshear. But, Gov. Bevin also said some things and engaged in some unnecessary quarrels, thus driving up his own negatives.

The result? We are now left with a very liberal governor who has control over a huge segment of Kentucky government. What can be done?

Surprisingly, the answer is. . . “All kinds of good things!”

Consider for a moment the fact that the two super Republican majorities in the House and Senate just may very well want to distance themselves from this governor and his very left-leaning policies. All they have to do is pass several pieces of legislation that are good (and conservative), knowing that the new governor will veto them. Then, surprise, they override his veto, passing them again to become law.

This way, they get good things done and the governor’s liberal biases are fully manifest in juxtaposition to their ideas on policy.

Yes, conservative Republican legislators will get beat up by the media, but good policies will still be enacted.

Heres’ where the people of Kentucky come in: If the citizens “back home” do not call in and support their legislators on the Legislative Message Line, then those legislators are vulnerable to the pressures of Frankfort – the opposite party, the media, left-wing activists, etc. They could, and in times past in history, have lost their will to fight and persevere.

The concept is surprisingly simple, yet it’s profound. And citizens all understand it intuitively. Why else do they go to athletic contests and cheer –and cheer loudly particularly at critical times in the game? It’s because “the twelfth man” on the football field IS the crowd – the fans. Same with basketball – the crowd IS “the sixth man”!

Similarly, if citizens vote to send a “good team” to Frankfort, should they not encourage them in the midst of the legislative contest of good versus evil? (Or at least good versus “less than good”?)

Here are a Few Legislative Ideas Being Discussed

Pro-Life Bills: A constitutional amendment clarifying that the Kentucky Constitution does not have “abortion rights” implicit within it. A Born Alive Bill that would require treatment for any child that was born alive – including a child that was being aborted. And, Dignified Treatment of Human Remains Act that would ban the disposal of fetal bodies with other waste.

Parental Rights Bill: This legislation would underscore that parents have God-given authority to direct the path for their children, as opposed to a government agency or an “expert.”

Medical Rights of Conscience (Religious Liberty) Act: Bill gives physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals the freedom to decline to do treatments that violate their conscience. (Like abortion or assisted suicide.)

Marijuana Resolution: A resolution asking the federal government to do research so that any medicinal value in the marijuana plant can be extracted and processed without any of the harms posed by the plant’s chemical makeup. Obviously, many more legislative ideas will be offered in the coming weeks.

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