Martin Cothran

Spokesperson & Sr. Policy Analyst

Martin Cothran is the Spokesperson and Sr. Policy Analyst for The Family Foundation. He is also the co-founder of Memoria Press and Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky. He is editor of the Classical Teacher magazine, a quarterly periodical for parents and professional educators published by Memoria Press, and director of the Classical Latin School Association.

Martin currently serves as provost for Memoria College, which offers a Master of Arts degree in the study of the great books. He has authored several widely used educational textbooks, including Traditional Logic, Books I and II, Material Logic: A Course on How to Think, Classical Rhetoric: A Study of Aristotle’s Principles of Persuasion, and Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in Latin.

He has served on several state commissions dealing with state education policy and is one of the most frequent guests on Kentucky Educational Television’s weekly “Kentucky Tonight” program. He has also appeared on ABC Radio News, American Family Radio, NBC Nightly News, and the PBS News Hour.