Join Us In Standing For Religious Liberty

Apparently, there is no room for Baptists in Governor Andy Beshear’s Kentucky. . . He is kicking the state’s largest private residential childcare provider to the curb, along with the 1,000 children it serves, simply because of the agency’s religious beliefs.

Sunrise Children’s Services has provided care for Kentucky’s children-in-need for over 150 years. But, contrary to state and federal law, Beshear is terminating the state’s longstanding relationship with Sunrise unless it recants its biblical beliefs.

If we don’t stand with the Baptists now, regardless of our religion or denomination, there won’t be a Kentucky left for any believers.

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They Stand With Sunrise. . . Will You?

KY Attorney General

Daniel Cameron
“Over the course of its history, Sunrise has provided care and support to Kentucky’s most vulnerable children when they’ve needed it. Now, the Beshear administration is forcing Sunrise to choose between continuing to serve Kentucky children or abandon its religious beliefs. This is not good government, and it does not respect the First Amendment rights of a religious organization. Previous administrations, Republican and Democrat, have found ways to partner with Sunrise, and I hope Governor Beshear will do the same.”

KY Secretary of State

Michael G. Adams
“As an adoptive parent, I’m grateful to Sunrise Children’s Services for their 80-year partnership with governors of both parties to provide foster care and adoption services. They truly have done the Lord’s calling to ‘do unto the least of these.’ I respectfully ask the Beshear administration to stand up for Kentucky children rather than kowtowing to political correctness.”

KY State Treasurer

Allison Ball
“Thousands of children have received loving care provided by Sunrise Children’s Services. It is appalling these services are ending because the governor refuses to respect the religious freedoms afforded to Sunrise under the Constitution. Unfortunately, the lack of respect for religious freedoms is nothing new with this administration. With more than 9,000 children in out of home care, we cannot afford to lose this service.”

KY State Auditor

Mike Harmon
“It is disheartening to me how Governor Beshear and his administration are discriminating against Sunrise Children’s Services. For more than 40 years, Sunrise has provided crucial services to thousands of Kentucky children in a faith-based environment under both Republican and Democrat governors. Governor Beshear’s decision means he will deprive these children of a safe home with adults that love them and want them to grow and thrive. Governor Beshear owes it to them to provide the same waiver past governors, including his father, have given to Sunrise.”

KY Agriculture Commissioner

Ryan Quarles
“For decades, Sunrise has been able to serve children without compromising its religious beliefs. There’s no good reason why the governor can’t allow Sunrise to continue serving children on the terms that worked during the Bevin, Steve Beshear, Fletcher, Patton, and other administrations. I stand with those who wish to protect one of our most vulnerable resources: our children.”

Sign the Petition

By signing this petition, you are joining with fellow Kentuckians to take a stand for religious liberty and the most vulnerable among us — to uphold Kentucky values by treating all with dignity and respect, rather than pawns in a political game.

“GOVERNOR — Don’t discriminate against people of faith and exclude them from helping provide a solution to society’s problems. Grant Sunrise Children’s Services the religious accommodation that the Commonwealth has always provided.”