States Begin Push to Protect Youth Health, Block Cross-Sex Hormones from Being Given to Children

In response to a horrifying story coming out of Texas, legislators in several U.S. states, including South Dakota and Kentucky, have introduced legislation that would prohibit doctors from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones to children.

The impetus for this legislation is the story of 7-year old James Younger, whose separated parents are battling in court over who is to gain conservatorship. James’ father wants James to live life in the healthy male body he was born in; James’ mother wants a doctor to complete gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy so that James can live as a girl named Luna.

So far, Texas judges have only agreed that the parents should have joint conservatorship – they must make decisions on his future together – however, the eventual ruling may be seen as an indicator of how much authority adults should be given when it comes to altering the natural bodily functions and reproductive components of an otherwise healthy child.

The LGBT lobby is furious over these bills, and they’re making it known. But that doesn’t change the fact that academic studies have shown that 97.8% of children who express confusion over their biological sex do eventually choose and accept their biological sex once they reach adulthood. Knowing this, it isn’t hard to see why the transgender lobby is so opposed – without the ability to force children into a life of transgenderism, their numbers – and therefore, influence, wanes.

In South Dakota, legislators in the House have already approved the legislation, sending it to the Senate for a hearing that will take place this next Monday.

In Kentucky, Rep. Savannah Maddox (R-Dry Ridge) has introduced HB 321, which would make it a felony for doctors to perform surgeries or prescribe medications to minors with the intent to alter the child’s biological sex. The bill is co-sponsored by Rep. Melinda Gibbons Prunty (R-Belton), Rep. Joseph Fischer (R-Ft. Thomas), and Rep. Kim King (R-Harrodsburg).

It’s a bold piece of legislation, but the situation requires it. Without protections for children, they face a lifetime of psychological issues, including depression and suicide. We cannot allow an emotional LGBT lobby to thwart sound medical policy.

Legislators in Kentucky and South Dakota should be commended for their courage on this issue. Facing mockery in the mainstream media – many of whom are sympathetic to the LGBT lobby – these legislators have pressed forward on their convictions: that children, at their most vulnerable stages, should be protected from the political whims of progressive experimenters. 

“Puberty is not the disease; in 85 percent of cases it’s the cure,” South Dakota House Whip Jon Hansen. “Just let the kids grow up,” for how can children “possibly know the long-term effects of those decisions…when even the FDA doesn’t know?”

Every state in America currently protects children through cigarette and alcohol bans. If we choose not to allow them to drink or smoke cigarettes for the reason of protecting them from future harm, we can’t afford not to protect them from political and medical experimentation in this circumstance, as well.

If you want to protect children from this progressive annexation of our vulnerable children, please call your legislators and ask them to support HB 321, and to press for it to be heard in committee this week. You can find your legislator here.

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