“Sports Wagering” strategy has been tried before

LEXINGTON, KY – A group that has opposed expanded gambling in Kentucky for decades said today that the legislative effort to legalize sports wagering without amending the state’s Constitution was a surprise, given that both Chambers of the state’s General Assembly were now controlled by Republicans.

“The attempt to bypass Kentucky’s Constitution in order to expand gambling has been tried before,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for The Family Foundation, “but never by Republicans. Republicans have usually made a point to abide by the state’s charter document.”

Cothran pointed out that the last attempt to ignore the Constitution was headed by former House Speaker Greg Stumbo, an effort opposed by most Republican lawmakers on constitutional grounds.

“Republicans are normally proud constitutionalists, so we are surprised there are so many now willing to ignore constitutional restrictions on expanded gambling. We will be reminding conservative lawmakers of the importance of standing against Stumbo-like attempts to void Kentucky’s most important legal document.”

“Fortunately,” said Cothran, “we think there are enough Republican leaders who will see this strategy as the end run around the Constitution that it is.”     


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