Seeing Life is Believing Life

Seeing Life is Believing Life

Every parent remembers seeing and hearing their child for the first time through an ultrasound. Ultrasounds have the unique ability to help parents bond with their children by accessing additional human senses.

A nationwide study found that for abortion-vulnerable mothers, 78 percent of them “chose life” after seeing their child.

The Kentucky Legislature passed a bill in 2017 that required an ultrasound be conducted and seen before an abortion can take place. Kentucky’s Ultrasound Bill is now in federal court as the ACLU attempts to stop this requirement from being enacted. The ACLU has cited “exceptional importance” as there is only one abortion mill left in Kentucky.

Abortion activists understand the power of an ultrasound. If only 50 percent of their clients choose life after an ultrasound, it would cripple their business and profits. Additionally, there is no Supreme Court precedent for this law, allowing Kentucky to lead the way in this critical legal battle. Kentucky is a bright guiding star for promoting and protecting life at all stages.


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