See this unique, nonpartisan Survey

Listed side-by-side, candidates respond in their own words.

The Kentucky Candidate Information Survey’s website has something for every Kentuckian. It’s an excellent resource for the busy citizen who desires to be an informed voter.

Find the resources and info you need, without the spin – We give you the facts and the candidates’ own words, so you’re the one who decides.

Do you support the proposed amendment to Kentucky’s Constitution? Find the exact ballot question, background, a list of the proposed victims’ rights, and the full bill text.

Which political party best aligns with your opinions? Explore a side-by-side comparison of the official Republican and Democrat party platforms in their own words.

Do your candidates support medical marijuana? Expanded gambling? Read your candidates’ survey responses so you know where they stand on a variety of issues… in their own words.

What are your judicial candidates’ qualifications? Their judicial philosophy? Get to know your judicial candidates with open-ended questions, allowing you to be introduced to who they truly are.

This website has candidates in their own words:
– 8 Congressional candidates
– 98 State Representative candidates
– 21 State Senate candidates
– 20 Kentucky Judicial candidates, including both Kentucky Supreme Court candidates (in southeast KY) and two of the four Kentucky Court of Appeals candidates.


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