Save Women’s Sports Act Overwhelmingly Passes Kentucky House

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation applauded the Kentucky House’s passage of Senate Bill 83, the Save Women’s Sports Act, which provides protections for girls in athletics. “In sports, biology matters,” said David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation. “When we ignore science and biological reality, women pay the price. Allowing males to compete in girls’ sports reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women. That’s neither fair nor equal.”

The Kentucky House voted 70-23 in favor of Senate Bill 83’s protections for fair competition in girls’ sports, including through college.

Walls expressed his thanks to Representative Dotson for leading the effort in the House on the Save Women’s Sports Act, including protections for female college athletes. “We believe that to fully protect Kentucky’s girls, we must also protect college athletes.”

“The numerous advantages that males have over females in athletics are even more prominent by college age. Those advantages are also more decisive in college, where margins become tighter, and any competitive edge can be the deciding factor.”

The need for the Save Women’s Sports Act, and the necessity of including college athletes, is currently on full display as swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male, is expected to dominate the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships today. Thomas was originally ranked #462 as a male, but after deciding to compete as a female, Thomas has dominated women’s swimming.

The Save Women’s Sports Act has already passed in 11 states since 2020, most recently in Iowa this year. Kentuckians can learn more about the Save Women’s Sports Act and contact their legislators on the new Action Center on The Family Foundation’s updated website.


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