Sad facts: COVID-19 & Abortion

Gov. Beshear has a double standard: Abortion “Yes,” Medical clinics “No.”

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious circumstance for Kentucky, the United States and the world. It has been good that most civic/political leaders have given themselves to mitigate its severity.

Kentucky, generally, has had good leadership in regard to the crisis. But the Commonwealth’s primary problem has been the disparity FOR abortion and AGAINST all other elective medical treatments.

This favoritism has been particularly manifest as Gov. Beshear pleads each afternoon for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to be donated for the use of medical individuals serving COVID-19 victims.

It is important to see “the Big Picture” – the “Years of life” perspective. It’s hard to believe, but true.

From the first of March through April 26 – just over eight weeks into the virus crisis – 208 Kentuckians have died from COVID-19. Most have been older citizens who lost their last, precious years of life.

During the same period of time, 698 unborn babies lost their lives in the Louisville abortion clinic. To be clear: ALL lives are valuable and ALL lives should be protected.

But examine the magnitude of the “years of life” lost during this same period of time. Estimating (generously) that “everyone would live to be 90 years of age,” the COVID-19 victims who have died have lost a total of 2,840 years of life – over two millennia. [This is calculated using the Governor’s age-of death chart: 30-39 one death, 40-49 four deaths, 50-59 fourteen deaths, 60-69 thirty-five deaths, 70-79 forty-seven deaths, and 80+ one hundred seven deaths.]

Examine the aborted children’s “years of life” lost: 90 years times 698 individuals equals 62,820 years – over 60 millennia! That’s 22 times more than lost via COVID-19. Sadly, this blatant injustice continues.

To re-state, from March 1 through April 26 in Kentucky – just over eight weeks into the virus crisis:
There were 2,840 “years of life” lost to COVID-19.
There were 62,820 “years of life” lost to abortion.

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