Responding to the Transgender Issue: A Parent Resource Guide

The Parent Resource Guide is the product of a unique collaboration between organizations with very
diverse political opinions and goals, who share one concern in common: The negative consequences that
result when society regards bodily sex as irrelevant.

United, the five supporting organizations believe that public schools should never feel pressured to force boys and girls to sacrifice their bodily privacy, promote
unscientific theories about human biology, or celebrate ideas that place young children on a path to chemical sterilization or cosmetic “gender confirmation” surgery.

The supporting organizations sincerely
hope that the Parent Resource Guide will encourage parents and others across the political spectrum to speak up on behalf of all children, because every child deserves a safe educational experience and the opportunity to experience healthy adulthood.

This Parent Resource Guide will:

• Help you understand the consequences of the transgender trend
• Consider the implications of transgender activism
and “gender inclusion” policies in schools
• Explain what your parental rights are and give you the tools to protect your child’s constitutional privacy and First Amendment rights
• Encourage parents and school officials to work together to create a respectful school environment
• Help you communicate with your school officials and advocate for common sense policies that will respect the dignity of all students
• Give tips on creating community and support among like-minded parents

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