Rep. Tim Moore: A key pro-life leader in the House

Without doubt, Kentucky’s pro-life success is the culmination of decades of work from many leaders. Tim Moore is one of them.

Many people, both inside government and outside government, have labored on the sanctity of life issue in Kentucky since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Now it seems that all that work is paying off because the Commonwealth is one of the leading pro-life states in America. One of those leaders who has come into his own is Rep. Tim Moore (R-Elizabethtown).

Though always working for prolife legislation since his first Session in 2007, he has begun to catch his stride in the last few years as Republicans have raised the life issue to new heights in Frankfort.

In 2018, Rep. Moore petitioned to have an official “Pro-Life Caucus” formed to serve both the House and the Senate. His desire was granted. Besides the individual Party Caucuses, the Pro-Life Caucus has become the largest caucus in the General Assembly, boasting as many as 77 members of the 138 legislators in Frankfort.

More importantly, the Pro-Life Caucus with Rep. Moore at the helm has just helped complete the most significant Session with respect to the life issue in Kentucky history – four different and strong pro-life bills have passed both the House and Senate to become law.

“We accomplished more this year than we have in the 13 years that I have been in Frankfort,” said Rep. Moore. “We set a goal last year when we formed the Pro-Life Caucus that we would unify around principle – the sanctity of life – and then push for legislation. That we have done successfully.”

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