Family Foundation Fridays Radio & Podcast

The Family Foundation’s executive director David Walls is joining Greg Williams, president of Love & Lordship and former member of The Family Foundation team, regularly on his Christian radio program to discuss important public policy issues in Kentucky from a biblical worldview.

These “Family Foundation Fridays” episodes are airing on Friday on Greg’s The Authority of Love Radio Program that airs at 11 am Monday through Friday on WJMM 99.1 in Central Kentucky. In addition, we post the video of the programs on our YouTube and Facebook pages, and post the video and podcast versions below.

David and Greg discuss why June is now a month to celebrate life. They also discuss the deep concerns with Gov. Beshear’s resurfaced picture taken with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Christian drag queen group.
David and Greg discuss how Christians should respond to Target and other companies promoting the radical LGBTQ agenda. They also discuss an important update in the ACLU’s challenge to Kentucky’s SB 150.
David and Greg discuss Kentucky’s Primary Election results and how the Governor’s race highlights a stark contrast on big issues impacting life, the family, and more
David and Greg discuss the lies and deceptions of transgender ideology and how the ACLU’s lawsuit against SB 150 only further reveals the need to protect Kentucky kids from “gender transition” interventions.
David and Greg discuss Kentucky’s May 16 Primary Election and the ACLU’s new legal challenge to SB 150’s protections for children.
David and Greg discuss the new 2023 Kentucky Family Legislative Scorecard and a preview of the upcoming May 16 Primary Election in Kentucky.