Family Foundation Fridays Radio & Podcast

The Family Foundation’s executive director David Walls is joining Greg Williams, president of Love & Lordship and former member of The Family Foundation team, regularly on his Christian radio program to discuss important public policy issues in Kentucky from a biblical worldview.

These “Family Foundation Fridays” episodes are airing on Friday on Greg’s The Authority of Love Radio Program that airs at 11 am Monday through Friday on WJMM 99.1 in Central Kentucky. In addition, we post the video of the programs on our YouTube and Facebook pages, and post the video and podcast versions below.

David and Greg give a big school choice update. They also discuss a bill supporting pregnant moms that has upset the pro-abortion lobby because of its recognition of the humanity of the unborn child.
On today’s episode, David and Greg discuss the Ohio House voting to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of the SAFE Act and share numerous concerns about the abortion exception bill filed this week in the KY General Assembly.
On this first episode of the New Year, David & Greg encourage Christians to pray & engage as the 2024 KY General Assembly gets underway and discuss the veto of Ohio’s SAFE act.
On today’s episode, David and Greg discuss the abortion industry challenge that was dropped and why the 2024 General Assembly must stand firm for life and resist all calls to weaken or undermine Kentucky’s pro-life laws.
On today’s episode, David and Greg discuss the new abortion industry lawsuit that would put all of Kentucky’s live-saving pro-life laws at risk.
On today’s episode, David and Greg respond to Gov. Beshear’s post-election falsehoods regarding Kentucky’s law to protect children from evil gender “transitions.” They also discuss how the Church must engage in the battle to protect the preborn.