PRESS RELEASE: Family Group Wants to Prevent Even More Loss of Life

FRANKFORT, KY– “We are here today to underscore how the Governor himself can do even more to save life, especially for the weakest and most vulnerable of us — He can allow Senate Bill 9 to become law,” said Kent Ostrander, Executive Director of The Family Foundation, outside the State Capitol today.

Senate Bill 9 does two basic things: 1) It requires that medical aid be given to all newborn babies, even those born in an abortion clinic, thus making Kentucky different than NY or VA, whose governors have said they would rather let the baby lie while the mother decides whether to grant medical care. 2) It also authorizes the Attorney General to uphold ALL of Kentucky’s abortion laws and regulations, including the Governor’s Executive Orders during this COVID-19 crisis.

Ostrander lifted up the stack of petitions containing just shy of 11,000 signers and said, “Gov. Beshear, we have followed your COVID-19 orders faithfully. Please faithfully honor the requests of thousands of Kentuckians and allow SB 9 to become law.”

Ostrander also shared the numbers calculating the “Years of Life” lost. “The 171 Kentucky citizens who have succumbed to COVID-19 have lost a total of 2,365 years of life, based on the Governor’s “Age of Death” chart and the assumption of a 90-year life span. That’s two millennia!” he said. “The 627 children aborted during the same Match 1 to April 21 timeframe have lost 56,430 years of life, assuming a 90-year life span. That’s 50 millennia!”

Kayla Jones, a Lexingtonian, also spoke and described the green roses laid out on the Capitol lawn in two different areas. “As I laid the 171 green roses for compassion, as the Governor has encouraged, I prayed for each of the 171 families who have lost someone,” said Jones. And as I laid the other 627 roses, I prayed for their families, and especially for their mothers. And last, in light of that 627 number, I also prayed that Gov. Beshear will allow SB 9 to become law.”

The special green roses had been imported from Ecuador.

The Family Foundation is now urging Kentuckians to email Gov. Beshear, simply asking him to “Allow SB 9 to become law.” His email address is: [email protected]

Video of yesterday’s press conference can be found at


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