Passing the Baton of Leadership, The Family Foundation Introduces its Next Executive Director

After a nationwide search, The Family Foundation is excited to announce that David Walls, who has more than a decade of experience in the pro-family policy arena, has been chosen as the next executive director of the organization to follow Kent Ostrander.

Since founding The Family Foundation in 1990, Kent Ostrander has faithfully guided the organization to become the leading pro-family policy organization in the Commonwealth. Under Kent’s leadership, The Family Foundation has been a driving force behind Kentucky’s Marriage Amendment, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and every pro-life bill passed in Kentucky during the last 30 years.

“The Lord has clearly impressed upon me that it is time to pass the baton of leadership of The Family Foundation,” Kent Ostrander said. “I know that David has the passion and gifts to lead The Family Foundation to new heights. I am grateful to the Lord for David, and for the path forward He has prepared for The Family Foundation.”

As The Family Foundation’s next executive director, David is a passionate advocate for public policy that reflects the truth of God’s word.

Prior to joining The Family Foundation, David helped found and served as Vice President of Texas Values, one of the nation’s premier state family policy councils. During David’s leadership at Texas Values, the organization saw tremendous growth and helped pass a major pro-life and religious freedom bill in five-straight legislative sessions in Texas.

“The Family Foundation is a vital advocate for Kentucky families and the biblical values that make them strong. Kentucky has a special place in the Lord’s work, and building on the strong foundation laid by Kent, we will continue to boldly advocate for God-honoring public policy in Kentucky,” said David Walls.

Kent and the Board of The Family Foundation welcomed David, his wife Lindsey, and their three children to Kentucky earlier this spring. As David transitions into leadership, Kent will continue to serve The Family Foundation as a volunteer through the 2022 General Session.

Learn more about David here.