Parents’ Rights Assaulted by Beshear Admin, Kentucky Department of Education

Once upon a time, public education in our nation sought to teach our children important components of a well-rounded education such as mathematics, reading, writing, and more. Unfortunately, public education is no longer completely focused on training and educating young Americans to reach great heights in their lives and contribute substantially to our society.

Now the public educational system is focusing much of its energy and efforts on forcing the LGBTQI+ worldview on its students. Gov. Beshear’s Administration is taking a page right out of the Biden administration’s playbook and implementing it right here in Kentucky’s schools. The ideology is being promoted shamelessly here by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) with a new LGBTQI+ “toolkit” that promotes radical sexual ideology (like the “genderbread person” pictured below) and tramples parental rights.


Jason E. Glass, Commissioner of Education in Kentucky states, “KDE is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.” This statement, however, could not be further from the truth. The reality is that the KDE is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all teachers and students except for those who hold to a traditional and Biblical view of marriage, gender, and human sexuality.

The newly released publication from the KDE clearly highlights the fact that it is unacceptable to refuse or not comply with the mandates given based on the radical LGBTQI+ agenda. This action reveals that the Beshear administration is absolutely determined to force teachers and indoctrinate public school children to adhere to the unreasonable and illogical philosophy of the LGBTQI+ movement.

Another disturbing facet of the document released by the KDE is the unquestionable attack that the department is launching on parental rights. The guidelines given in the resource are an attempt to subvert parental authority which should be supreme in a child’s life as his or her parents know what is best for them.

The KDE is endeavoring to force upon children the LGBTQI+ worldview all the while keeping their parents in the dark. Thus, stripping parents of the right to exhibit authority over their children and ensure that what their children are being taught is true.

One part of the resource specifically details how students should be addressed by their preferred pronouns. Astonishingly, this is not where the illogical advice stops. According to the resource, parents who do not approve of their child being called by pronouns contrary to their biological sex should be kept in the dark and excluded from this information about their child.

The resource asks the question, “how should a school address this request if a student wants to be referred to with one pronoun and name at school and have the school use another pronoun/name when communicating with parents who do not wish for the school to use that pronoun/name?” The answer given in the resource is, “In short, the student’s request should be honored by the school.” In other words, completely forget the parent’s rights to know how their child is being addressed at school.

With this action, the Beshear administration is undermining parental authority and assaulting parents’ rights in all public schools in Kentucky. Parents’ rights must be ensured as a fundamental right by the KY General Assembly or situations such as this one will only continue to take place.

*Note – since this was first published the KDE has pulled down some resources and updated the pronoun guidance. These changes are just window dressing. All the concerns about promoting LGBTQ propaganda and trampling of parental rights still remain.

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