OPERATION JERICHO: Voices speaking out!!!

Being “salt and light” is about being diligent and not being afraid to let your voice be heard. Join us with “Operation Jericho.”

The history of the Biblically recorded battle of Jericho underscores that a miracle of tremendous importance and a number of dimensions took place, propelling the nation of Israel forward. Here are a few of the facts that are significant:

1) The victory at Jericho demonstrated that God would work on behalf of His people. The Israelites needed that assurance at this juncture of their journey.

2) The Jericho miracle set the stage for the Israelites to believe that they could, with God’s help, overcome these new peoples in their Promised Land – faith for the future.

3) It confirmed that Joshua was, in fact, the warrior/leader that Israel needed in this phase of their history.

But the “exercise” at Jericho did more than strengthen the Israelites’ confidence in the ways listed above; it also demonstrated that when they obey and stand together, they can defeat forces that are stronger and better fortified then they are. That fact may be the greatest takeaway for Kentucky at this time in its history.

How did Joshua get tens of thousands of “religious people” in his army to remain quiet and to obey all at once? The answer to that question is not found in Scripture, but it IS/WAS A MIRACLE! This aspect of the Jericho miracle is just as significant as the actual crumbling of the walls.

To apply that question to the 2018 election scenario, one must ask two questions:

First, “How can you get Kentucky’s 5,000 Biblically-oriented churches to work together to one end?”

Secondly, “How do you get tens of thousands of individual believers to actually obey one plan/one vision?”

The Family Foundation is not going to analyze further; instead, it is just going to encourage all Christians to do what they already know to do . . . and that is VOTE and get others to vote.

If you want a Voters Registration “Kit” mailed to you to get others registered and voting, call us or email us at: 859-255-5400 and [email protected]

If you want information on where candidates stand, go to and share with others our Kentucky Candidate Information Survey website: www.votekentucky.us And, please, “Like” and “Share” us via Facebook to let hundreds of others see what candidates say in their own words about key issues of the day: fb.me/VoteKentucky.

We must all act as one and vote God’s values as we approach the Nov. 6 election.

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