Next steps for Kentucky’s pro-life movement as the 2023 General Assembly nears

We expect the legislature to use its pro-life supermajorities to pass bills to help support pregnant mothers and families.

Pro-life candidates who either have pro-life voting records or ran on a pro-life platform had success in Kentucky up and down the ballot, increasing Republican supermajorities in both legislative chambers.

We expect and will be working alongside the legislature to use that power to support pregnant women, including possible changes to the Commonwealth’s adoption laws. We also want to prioritize making sure that Kentucky enforces its existing pro-life laws, including prohibitions on the dangerous mail order distribution of the abortion pill.

There are also rumors circulating that there may be an attempt to weaken Kentucky’s current pro-life laws by legalizing certain abortions through the passage of additional exemptions. We will be working with pro-life legislators to stand firm against those concerning efforts.

If an activist Kentucky Supreme Court decides to invent a right to abortion within the Kentucky Constitution, aggressive options will have to be explored for responding to such an egregiously wrong power grab.

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