News Release: Close Senate Vote on Slots Bill Could Signal Weakness in the House

LEXINGTON, KY–“The slots bill is now limping toward the House,” said the Family Foundation after the slots bill gained what it called “a surprisingly close victory” on Senate Bill 120.
“The fact that a bill co-sponsored by the Senate President didn’t have a more overwhelming level of support in the majority party doesn’t bode well for this bill in the House where it won’t have that advantage,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.
“The Republican vote appears to have been evenly split. In fact, the bill essentially won because of Democratic votes.”
“The lack of support among Republicans in the Senate could signal that this bill is in trouble in the House.”
Cothran pointed to the trouble a bill allowing sports had last year in the House. “Sports wagering couldn’t garner majority support in the House Republican caucus last year, and that’s what doomed the bill. We could see the same thing happen on this bill.”

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