CITIZEN: Many legislative successes in the last 5 years! BUT, There’s Much More To Be Done. . .

It’s time for us (you and I, as Kentucky citizens) and our legislators to address the other issues of our time.

By Kent Ostrander, Founder

During my 32 years at the helm of The Family Foundation, we have worked each Session to get a focused, handful of bills into law.
In the last five years, a significant number have become law and we are pleased. . . but there is more to do!

Some years have been more fruitful than others. But let’s look from a longer-range perspective – comparing the political alignment across Kentucky:

In 1990, when we opened the doors of The Family Foundation. . .

  • The State House had 71 Democrats and 29 Republicans. Now that’s been reversed, 75 Republicans and 25 Democrats.
  • The State Senate had 29 Democrats and 9 Republicans. Now that’s been reversed, 30 Republicans and 8 Democrats.
  • And, ALL seven Constitutional officers were Democrats. Now ALL are Republican, except the Governor.

We’re not taking credit for these partisan changes, but our getting truth and perspective disseminated has helped educate ALL Kentuckians about what is going on in Frankfort. And we’re still working. For example. . .

On Nov. 17 we hosted a dinner in Frankfort for more than 30 state legislators to hear Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom (our national legal partner). His briefing outlined laws passed in other states in 2021 that we hope our legislators will grab and pass in 2022.

Clearly, Kentucky is already a leader on the sanctity of life issue, but we have much more we can do in the religious liberty, education and parental rights realms, as well as contesting the gross overreach of the LGBTQ agenda.

AND, . . .we’re currently working on a large, Pro-Family Rally at the Capitol on Feb. 15, 2022. Please join us. (This will be my last rally while I’m at The Family Foundation.)

In order to save money, I will continue with The Family Foundation through the 2022 Session as a volunteer (like I’ve asked you to be for years). But, please take my following request to heart. . .

If you haven’t given in support of The Family Foundation recently, please do. We are behind where we want/need to be because we have spent money on:
1) the transition time of David Walls and I both being employed, and because of the money we will spend on: 2) Getting the word out on legislation in the 2022 Session (and our Feb. 15 Rally); and 3) the “YES For Life Amendment” slated for next November.

We truly need your support at this time. Please give before year’s end so we can enter 2022 from a place of strength.


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