Let Us Pray

Tragedy Strikes in the Heart of Louisville

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

On Monday, the morning started out like a normal beginning to the week here in Kentucky, but by 8:30 a.m. tragedy literally struck the Commonwealth in downtown Louisville. In an unimaginable act of senseless violence, an individual with a firearm opened fire inside Old National Bank which is housed in the Preston Pointe Building in downtown Louisville.

Tragically, the mass shooting at this point has left, in total, six people dead and eight others injured. Five of the deceased individuals were bank employees. The names of these victims are as follows: Josh Barrick, Tommy Elliott, Juliana Farmer, Jim Tutt Jr., and Deana Eckert. Let us remember these victims’ families in our prayers in the days that follow.

Heroically, Louisville Metro Police officers responded to the call of an active shooter and were on the scene within minutes. The officers with great bravery engaged the active shooter by returning fire, ultimately killing him, and fortunately, stopping any more violence from taking place.

One of the courageous officers who ran toward the gunfire to save lives was Nickolas Wilt who had just recently been sworn in as a new LMPD officer. Officer Wilt was shot in the head and rushed into emergency surgery in order to save his life. As he remains in critical condition let us pray earnestly for Officer Wilt’s full recovery.

This is just another instance that reveals our nation’s deep need for a spiritual revival. It is as simple as this, America will never experience healing until individual Americans’ hearts are spiritually healed, which only be experienced when Americans at large possess’ salvific faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Father, we praise You for truly being a very present help in times of trouble and tragedy like this. Lord, we pray for each of the families who lost loved ones in this heinous act of violence, may they experience Your unfailing love and peace right now. Lord, please bring complete healing to Officer Nickolas Wilt, and thank You for his courage. Father, please bring spiritual renewal to our nation, and may America experience an incredible revival where Americans in great numbers come to You in faith and repentance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.