Let Us Pray

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” – Isaiah 26:3

Holding to a Christian perspective in our American culture today (on all things including human sexuality, life, gender, and more) can leave one feeling like a societal orphan. Remaining faithful to viewing the world around us through the lens of Scripture will leave one at times feeling alone and isolated as those around us by and large have abandoned a faithful Biblical worldview.

Those who hold to an unswerving Biblical worldview are truly in the minority in America today. The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that only six percent of Americans truly hold to a faithful Biblical worldview.

The study, furthermore, revealed that the most frequent belief system in viewing the world is through “syncretism” which is the mixing of various schools of thought, beliefs, and religious teachings to make sense of the world. With these facts and the reality that very few Americans are examining the moral and cultural issues of our day through the lens of Scripture, it is no wonder why we are experiencing intense immoral chaos in America.

With the attacks that are launched at believers today for simply believing in Biblical marriage, biological gender, and the value of human life, it is easy to feel alone and outnumbered. It is more important than ever that American Christians strengthen our minds by keeping them on the Lord so that we may continue fighting the good fight and presenting God’s truth to a dark world.

Father, help us to strengthen our minds by keeping them “stay[ing] on You.” Lord, empower us to effectively help others to see the need to view life through Your Word, which is the only true guide to understanding the truth about life. Father, may revival come upon our land, and may we see many accept Christ and adopt a Biblical worldview. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.