Let Us Pray

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure.” – Psalm 122:6

On Saturday, October 7th, Israel declared war on Hamas after the Palestinian militant group launched a brutally vicious attack on the nation. In the attack on October 7th, Hamas fired thousands of rockets into Israel targeting residential places and ruthlessly killing many Israeli civilians.

Heartbreakingly, over 4,200 people have been killed on both sides in this war so far. At least 1,400 Israelis have lost their lives and 31 Americans have been confirmed dead. The militant group in Gaza has taken numerous Israelis hostage, and some of the hostages are Americans as well.

Israel has responded to the surprise attack by pounding Gaza City with relentless air strikes. As the war continues to rage on and becomes even more complex, with other nations considering involvement, the Israeli military is on standby awaiting orders for a ground invasion into Gaza to exterminate Hamas from the land.

On Tuesday, a terrorist group in Gaza fired a failed rocket attack that ended up striking a hospital in Gaza City, devastatingly, killing at least 500 people. On Wednesday, President Biden arrived in Israel where he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders.

President Biden’s visit was a mission to hopefully prevent the war from escalating into a regional war in the Middle East. In addition, the United States has ordered two warships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea to dissuade other Israeli enemies from joining the dispute. It is unknown where this war will lead, but what we do know is this; we are to pray for the peace of Israel.

Father, please bring peace to the nation of Israel and bring an end to this war. Lord, we pray that this war will not escalate to a point where it becomes a regional war, and where other nations get involved in the conflict. Father, please give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the other Israeli leaders Your wisdom as they navigate this very serious moment. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.