Let Us Pray

Over One-Third of Children on Puberty Blockers Experience Mental Health Deterioration

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

Part of the erroneous transgender “transition” process for children who are struggling with their biological makeup is to put them on puberty blockers which is extremely dangerous and damaging. There is no denying that there is considerable physical harm that can accompany vulnerable children who are put on puberty blockers in the name of transgender ideology.

However, children who are put on puberty blockers experience more than just physical harm. A recent study out of the United Kingdom has also revealed that children who are put on puberty blockers experience mental health deterioration. Susan McPherson, a professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Essex, and social scientist David Freedman jointly conducted research that revealed that over a third of children put on puberty blockers experienced “deterioration” of their mental health.

Furthermore, the new analysis conducted found that the overwhelming number of children who have been put on puberty blockers experienced erratic and fluctuating mental health. This new study highlights once more the devastating results of “transition” procedures, like puberty blockers, on the whole person.

Due to the ill effects of puberty blockers and hormone drugs on children, the countries of France, Sweden, Finland, and Norway have put restrictions on them. It is time for the United States, federally, to do the same.

Father, please help the children who are suffering the ill effects, both physically and mentally, from wrongly being put on puberty blockers. Lord, may confused and vulnerable children truly be helped and not preyed upon to advance transgender ideology. Father, empower our federal government to act and restrict puberty blockers and hormone drugs from children here in the United States. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.