Let Us Pray

NHL Takes Bold Stand

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10

The National Hockey League (NHL) in June announced publicly that its teams will not be allowed to wear warm-up jerseys that display pride themes. The decision comes after players like Ivan Provorov, a defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers courageously refused to wear the pride-themed jerseys due to his Christian convictions.

The NHL has just recently opened up its season and with the start of a new season came a new announcement. The league announced along with the abolishment of pride jerseys, there will also be a ban on rainbow-colored tape that some players were putting on their sticks.

The rainbow-colored tape was likely going to be used as a way to bypass the pride jersey ban in an effort for some players to continue displaying LGBTQ+ activism. The NHL is taking a bold stand and is effectively keeping woke LGBTQ+ activism out of the sport of hockey.

This is a significant move for a multitude of reasons, but the message the league is sending is clear; people watch sports for entertainment and enjoyment, and not to have extreme woke LGBTQ+ ideologies shoved in their faces. There is a significant movement spreading across other professional sports leagues as well like Major League Baseball, who are dropping “pride” activism.

Father, thank You for this move that the National Hockey League is taking to keep extreme woke LGBTQ+ ideologies out of the sport. Lord, thank You for the bold and public courage of Ivan Provorov and others who have taken a stand for Biblical truth. Father, help us to be courageous advocates for Your truth as well regardless of the opposition we may face. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.