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NCAA Punts on Transgender Issue (January 25, 2022)

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1:27

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a massive organization that regulates the athletic programs of colleges and universities in the United States. The NCAA is responsible for overseeing, supervising, and governing collegiate student-athletes and collegiate athletic programs to ensure safety and fairness.

Recently, however, the NCAA shirked its responsibility to guarantee fairness for female college athletes. The NCAA had a chance to act and put an end to the catastrophic results of allowing biological males to compete in female sports.

Instead of taking this opportunity to save women’s sports from being destroyed by biological males, the NCAA dodged the issue by telling the national governing body of each sport to determine its own standards on transgender participation. One of the Governors on the Board of the NCAA is Georgetown President John DeGioia who said, “We are steadfast in our support of transgender student-athletes and the fostering of fairness across college sports.”

If the NCAA is really trying to foster fairness in college athletics, then it should start by prohibiting biological males from dominating and destroying women’s athletics. This underscores and reveals the urgent need for the Kentucky General Assembly to pass the already filed “Save Women’s Sports Act” which will prevent biological males from competing in women’s sports.

Father, give the KY General Assembly the courage and backbone to pass the “Save Women’s Sports Act” this session. Father, please protect women as there is an attempt to sacrifice them on the transgender altar. Lord, help our nation to understand that our biological makeup is an objective reality and cannot be changed. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying For Our Kentucky Leaders

Join us in praying for our elected leaders throughout
the 2022 Legislative Session:

Kentucky Legislators in District 23 and 24

Sen. Christian McDaniel (District 23)
Rep. Steve Riley (District 23)
Sen. Will Schroder (District 24)
Rep. Brandon Reed (District 24)