Let Us Pray

KY General Assembly Acts to Protect Children and Parents’ Rights

“But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, ‘Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.’” – Mark 10:14

Throughout the Scriptures, there is an unmistakable fact that God has an unquestionable and unfailing love for children. God’s love for children is so intense that Jesus taught it would be better for one to have a “millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea,” rather than causing a little one to sin (Matt. 18:6). Bluntly put, it is a petrifying position to be in before the Lord when one encourages, paves the way, or supports a child to sin.

The outworking of the Biblical truth about God’s love for children leads to the fact that Scripture commands parents (Proverbs 22:6) and society as a whole to protect the innocence and purity of children. Unfortunately, however, in our culture, today children are not only being allowed to participate in what Scripture calls sin but rather some children are being encouraged to.

This reality has been recently highlighted by the fact that there are individuals who are encouraging the marring of the image of God in which every kid has been uniquely created by promoting experimental transgender “transition procedures.” These “transition procedures” are sinful because they gruesomely disfigure God’s perfect design of one’s body. Furthermore, they are also extremely harmful to children as they can cause permanent damage to what was a healthy person.

Thankfully, now in our state, after many ups and downs throughout this legislative session, and even after having to override a shameful Governor’s veto, the Kentucky General Assembly has seen Senate Bill 150 through to final passage. Practically speaking, now in the Commonwealth, children will be protected from these dangerous life-altering experimental “transition procedures” and more.

Due to this piece of God-honoring legislation, children will now be protected from being preyed upon by radical sexual ideologies and will be encouraged to embrace God’s perfect design of their bodies. Praise be to God, now in Kentucky, God is being honored in the fact that children are being protected from life-long hurt that comes in the name of transgender “transition procedures” because of Senate Bill 150.

Father, we praise You for the courage of the Kentucky General Assembly that was seen in the final passage of Senate Bill 150. Lord, may many because of Senate Bill 150 be saved from the harm and horrors that accompany transgender “transition procedures.” Father, help us in every way to love and protect the children that You love so dearly. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.