Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray: JCPS Teachers Helped in Organizing Student Protest of Senate Bill 150 at KY Capitol

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11

One of the highlights of this year’s legislative session here in Kentucky was the final passage of Senate Bill 150. This highly important piece of legislation provides powerful protections for parental rights, student privacy, and bans extremely dangerous “transition procedure” interventions on children.

After the bill was successfully passed through the KY General Assembly, not surprisingly, Governor Beshear vetoed the bill. On March 29th, in an effort to advocate for Senate Bill 150, The Family Foundation hosted a press conference and rally in the Kentucky Capitol to encourage the Kentucky General Assembly to override the Governor’s veto, which ultimately happened.

However, on this same day, there was a large gathering of students outside the Capitol from Jefferson County Public Schools who were bused in to protest against Senate Bill 150. The JCPS District claimed that this was a “student-led” field trip aimed at rallying against Senate Bill 150.

The truth, however, is that of another story. Kentucky Today has obtained emails revealing that JCPS teachers played an integral role in organizing the student protest against the bill. In fact, Kentucky Today quoted the emails attained verbatim which leaves no doubt that JCPS teachers aided in the organization of the student protest.

Bluntly put, public school educators should never be involved in the organizing of a protest or rally for students to advocate for LGBTQ+ ideologies. Public school educators are not commissioned to be activists in leading students to adopt, adhere to, or advocate for LGBTQ+ ideologies. Rather, public school educators are given the duty to truly educate the next generation in real subjects like math and reading so that they may be prepared to accomplish great things in life.


Father, thank You for the work of Kentucky Today in exposing the wrong actions of JCPS teachers in organizing the student protest against Senate Bill 150. Lord, help the public education system in our state and nation to focus on truly educating students and not on LGBTQ+ activism. Father, please enlighten all of the students who protested Senate Bill 150 to realize what they were actually advocating for was sinfulness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.