Let Us Pray

Ivy League Psychologist Says Spirituality Improves Mental Health

“Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?’” – John 11:40

Not long ago, Gallup, a polling organization, released a poll that revealed the percentage of Americans who believe in God is edging downward. Since 2001, the survey found that Americans who believe in God have dropped a whopping 16%. At the beginning of the millennium, Americans who professed belief in God stood at 90%. Now, in 2023, Gallup has found that Americans who believe in God have dropped to 74%.

As our American culture continues to grow more secular, belief in God is being rejected and the focus of some is being solely directed inward. When a segment of a culture rejects an outward belief in God, it is not surprising that chaos ensues because individuals become the arbiter of truth. In other words, if there is no higher power than oneself, then in effect, individuals have made themselves their own god to determine all things in life.

Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, Dr. Lisa Miller, has found that according to her research spirituality improves mental health. Dr. Miller’s research reveals that those who say spirituality is “very important” to them astonishingly show a decreased risk of 80% to have an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, they have an 82% decreased risk of dying by suicide.

Although Dr. Miller does not specify a certain religion, her research underlies the reality that it is healthy and good for a society not to focus inward for strength, wisdom, or for truth. The reality is, and from a Christian perspective, if a culture desires to flourish it must be rooted in the outward belief in Almighty God and His word as the source of truth, strength, wisdom, and more.

Father, please enlighten and open the spiritual eyes of our culture to the reality that it is detrimental to reject or neglect belief in You. Lord, may our nation not be simply defined as a “spiritual” one, but as one that has a genuine relationship with You. Father, help us to be faithful in evangelizing our culture for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.