Let Us Pray

Hateful Bills? (April 5, 2022)

“Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight.” Deuteronomy 6:18a

On Thursday, President Biden had some forceful commits in response to states passing what he labels as “hate bills.” He exclaimed that his Administration is “standing up” for those in the transgender community and that he will actively promote “so-called” equality across America.

President Biden stated, “The onslaught of anti-transgender state laws attacking you and your families is simply wrong. This administration is standing up for you against all these hateful bills. And we’re committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom, on the playing field, at work, in our military and our housing and health care systems.”

One of the bills that would fall under President Biden’s “so-called” category of “hate bills” would be Kentucky’s Senate Bill 83, the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” Simply put, this bill protects women’s sports here in Kentucky from being destroyed by the transgender movement that seeks to allow biological males to compete in female athletics. Furthermore, it ensures female athletes in the Commonwealth that they will be allowed to compete on a level playing field.

This shows how deranged the worldview is of those who adhere to transgender ideology. In reality, the President and the left are calling the protection of women, hateful. What is actually hateful, is the sacrificing of biological women that is taking place on the transgender altar. If the President and his Administration truly want to stand up for equality and stand against hateful bills, then they should promote legislation that protects women from being erased by the transgender movement.


Father, please reveal to President Biden and his Administration the immense error in the transgender worldview that they are promoting. Lord, may even more states step up and protect women from the negative consequences of transgenderism. Father, help our nation to return to Your truth that You created each of us either male or female. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.