Let Us Pray

Concerning Bills Halted (April 21, 2022)

Reject every kind of evil.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:22

During this legislative session, there were multiple victories for the Commonwealth in the passing of tremendously crucial pro-religious liberty, pro-life, and pro-family bills. These include the “Church is Essential Act,” the “Humanity in Healthcare Act,” the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” and more.

However, some of Kentucky’s victories during this session not only came from what was passed, but also from what was stopped. The Family Foundation worked diligently to halt some concerning bills such as House Bill 606 and House Bill 136.

House Bill 606 sought to expand government-sponsored predatory gambling throughout the state. HB 606 would have been exceedingly damaging as predatory gambling would have preyed on the already vulnerable in poverty, it would have hurt families, and increased harmful addictions.

Also, House Bill 136 aimed to legalize “medical” marijuana. The problem is that marijuana has not been scientifically proven at this point to be of medicinal benefit. So-called “medical” marijuana has not been through the rigorous, thorough, and exhaustive process that is needed to approve of a new medicinal drug that ensures that it will provide benefits to one’s health.

Praise God, these concerning bills were halted and the General Assembly did not pass them. Through the good and righteous bills that were passed, although there could have been more, and through the concerning bills that were resisted and not passed, by God’s grace, Biblical values were promoted, and the family was defended during the KY General Assembly this year.


Father, we are thankful for the good and God-honoring bills passed during this legislative session. Lord, we also praise You that the concerning bills that went before the General Assembly were halted. Father, empower us, in the years to come to continue promoting God-honoring public policy in our Commonwealth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.