Let Us Pray

Bill Passes to Protect KY Kids from Online Pornography

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” – Matthew 5:8

There is immense harm and damage that accompanies online pornography that has been easily accessible, especially for minors for some time now. Not only have children suffered the devastating consequences that come along with being exposed to online pornography, but the massive porn industry has actually profited off of them as well.

Praise be to God, the Kentucky General Assembly stepped up in a bipartisan manner to protect kids from online harms, including online porn sites. The Kentucky legislature passed House Bill 278, which requires any website that knowingly publishes or distributes material that is harmful to minors to verify that the viewers are over the age of 18.

Nine other states have already passed legislative measures that are similar to House Bill 278. This piece of legislation is so vitally important as studies have shown that the average age of first exposure to pornography is between 7 and 13, and that by the age of 17, about 75% of adolescents have been exposed to pornography.

This highly important bill now sits on the Governor’s desk as it awaits, hopefully, his signature. Governor Beshear must sign this important bill into law so that kids in our Commonwealth will be protected from the devastation of online harms like online pornography.


Father, we are thankful for the courage of the Kentucky General Assembly to pass House Bill 278 which protects kids from harmful online sites. Lord, may the purity of children across the Commonwealth be protected from the devastation that pornography brings. Father, may many more states across the nation pass similar legislation to House Bill 278. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.