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“Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.” – Psalm 106:3

Although the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games have finally concluded, there continues to be an ongoing battle over whether transgender athletes should be able to compete against athletes that have a different biological sex. This battle was sparked by the International Olympic leadership allowing the first-ever trans athlete to compete in the Olympic games.

Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old biological male, who identifies as a transgender female competed as a weightlifter against biological women of other countries while representing the country of New Zealand. From a biological and scientific standpoint, allowing Hubbard to compete against biological female athletes is the very definition of unfair.

It seems that the three medalists in the Tokyo Olympics’ female weightlifting competition were not pleased with this unfair stunt either as none of them commented on this so-called “historic” event. One reporter asked the three medalists, “how do you feel about the historic first openly transgender Olympian competing in your event?”

All three medalists refused to answer the question and after eight seconds of silence the Bronze medalist Sarah Robles, representing the United States, simply stated, “No, thank you.” The non-affirmation of these medalists is telling as none of them celebrated this moment.

Recently, the International Olympic Committee acknowledged the need to review transgender rules. This committee and all governing bodies over athletics must stand up for women and not allow biological men to destroy female sports in America or in the Olympic Games.

Father, please help our nation, the United States of America, to honor both manhood and womanhood. Lord, please protect women from the discrimination they are experiencing because of this wicked transgender ideology. Father, please enlighten all athletic governing bodies to see the need to protect female sports and not allow them to be destroyed by allowing biological men to compete as women. Lord, may we always act justly and do what is right. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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