Legislators of Faith

A very significant gathering! A very significant time!

By Kent Ostrander, Executive Director of The Family Foundation

Perhaps one of the most encouraging events that has taken place in my 30 years of work in the legislature, took place on Saturday, Dec. 1. On that day, The Family Foundation was honored to host Kentucky’s first “Leaders of Faith Gathering.” Nineteen active State House members participated in the day-long conference. Many other legislators expressed their interest, but their Saturday schedule had already been committed.

The purpose was to gather believing legislators together (newly-elected and incumbents) so retired legislators of faith who have “been there and done that” could share their perspectives of how faith and worldview are necessary components of service in Frankfort. The gathering was designed with two goals in mind: 1) to strengthen legislator individually, and 2) to strengthen them corporately as they work to serve the Lord in the special place of governing where He has placed them.

The keynote speaker was Congressman Daniel Webster, who currently serves Florida’s 11th Congressional District in Washington, D.C. He was Florida’s first Republican Speaker of the House in 122 years. Having served 18 years in the House, he then went into the Florida Senate, serving 10 years and rising to become Senate Majority Leader.

In addition, we had seven former Kentucky state legislators of faith who shared from their experiences the things that will help the current legislators with their service.

The potential of this gathering MAY make it THE MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT I’ve ever engaged in during my 30 years in Frankfort. Just imagine if a genuine, life-giving fellowship of legislators emerged. This coming together is something that every believer should pray for and nurture as they are able.

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