Legislators being pressured on stalled “sports wagering” legislation

LEXINGTON, KY — The Family Foundation said today that time is running out on the stalled sports wagering bill, which has been languishing on the Orders of the Day in the State House for more than a month. “The longer it sits on the House Orders, the worse its chances,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

Cothran said House members have reported that powerful House leaders have been increasing pressure on members to vote for the bill. 

“When you have to resort to pressure tactics like this it means the bill can’t stand on its own two feet. If supporters can’t get their members to vote for it on the bill’s merits, they have to use force. It means things are getting desperate.”

The Family Foundation has argued that sports wagering can only be passed by amending the State Constitution, and that HB 137, which is only a statutory bill, is unconstitutional. 

Cothran said that if the bill passes with only a thin majority, it will have little chance in the Senate.


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