Kentucky’s Perseverance for Religious Liberty

During the COVID-19 pandemic, state governments have engaged in a head-on battle with churches over their right to religious liberty, including Kentucky.

On May 8th, Tabernacle Baptist Church from Nicholasville, Kentucky won a lawsuit against Gov. Beshear over his executive orders on March 19th and March 25th that ban mass gatherings. On May 6th, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron joined Tabernacle Baptist Church to argue that religion has been unfairly targeted by Gov. Beshear. Attorney General Cameron’s amicus brief stated, “The freedom to practice one’s faith is a defining feature of American liberty.” The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky agreed and ruled the Free Exercise Clause was restricted in an unconstitutional manner, overturning Gov. Beshear’s executive orders on prohibiting in-person church services.

With churches free to meet, The Family Foundation encourages every church to follow the leadership of the Lord during this time and to exercise the wisdom He grants for the health and safety of our neighbor.

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